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Cedar Park Restore Cabinet Finish

Are you considering having your kitchen updated, but you don’t want to replace all your cabinets? Explore the many benefits that Cedar Park restore cabinet finish has to offer. DGP Painting provides this economical service to our customers. More and more homeowners are realizing that Cedar Park cabinet refinishing is the best way to transform their space on a budget.

What is Cabinet Restoration in Cedar Park TX?

If your cabinets are in good condition but need an update, they are probably good candidates for restoration. This process involves cleaning and sanding your cabinets so that the best adhesive surface is exposed. We then apply a new stain or prime and paint in your desired color to give your cabinets a new look and feel. You keep your existing cabinetry, but the color and finish are changed.

What are the Benefits of Cedar Park Restore Cabinet Finish?

Cabinet refinishing is a popular service from DGP Painting. Here are some advantages to choosing this service:

  • Economical. Cabinet refinishing in Cedar Park TX costs a fraction of the price of replacing cabinets. You get to keep your existing surfaces and only pay for labor and materials to refinish them.
  • Faster completion. Replacing cabinets is a big job that can keep you out of your kitchen for weeks. Cedar Park cabinet refinishing is a quick job that can be completed in about a week, especially when you have a team like DGP Painting.
  • Amazing results. Cedar Park cabinet restoration leaves behind beautiful results. You can enjoy your same cabinets but with a fresh coat of paint or a clean, trendsetting, contemporary stain color that we can match to your flooring or even a loved piece of stained furniture.
  • Green alternative. Rather than adding more waste to the landfills and having to buy more materials, keep your cabinets with restore cabinet finish in Cedar Park TX. You can lower your home’s carbon footprint this way.
  • Low Emissions or VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) Cedar Park cabinet painting can be done with a wide variety of types of enamels. We visit with every protentional customer to identify the specific needs and family units to recommend the best fit to protect their loved ones. It is important not to use a heavy, oil-based enamel where there are toddlers or elderly living at home. This can cause respiratory and other health issues. We catered every quote and whenever possible we use low VOC paints, Urethane enamels, Water-based enamels or Hybrid Enamels. In some cases the best option is the classic oil finish.

To find out what it costs to have Cedar Park restore cabinet finish done in your home, call DGP Painting for a free estimate.