Interior Painting Preparation

  • We cover all floors, countertops, appliances, furniture, etc., prior to painting.
  • We move large furniture, but ask that you clear all tabletops, remove all paintings and artwork from the wall, and empty all closets (if applicable). We will not move certain items such as flat screen TVs, crystals or delicate items, to name a few. Please remove all breakables and objects of value from the painting area, as we will not be liable for them.
  • We do all necessary and agreed upon wall and trim repair. We look for cracks, water damage and defects, and repair and re-texture as necessary.
  • Prior to painting, we prime all bare wood, wall and wood repairs, and any other necessary areas with the appropriate primers. We sand, clean, prime and paint all specified enamel. (Sanding is necessary to ensure good adhesion between coats.)
  • We check for cracks on woodwork, doors, windows, and wall corners, etc., and caulk with premium caulk as necessary.
  • We sand, clean, prime and paint specified enamel surfaces. Sanding is necessary to ensure good adhesion between coats. We recommend that these surfaces (usually trim and doors) be finish-coated with top-of-the-line interior enamel paint.
  • We recommend ceilings be painted in a flat paint in the color of your choosing. This is to minimize light reflection or sheen, which highlights drywall imperfections.
  • We recommend walls be painted with 2 coats of high-quality interior wall paint in the sheen and color of your choosing.
  • After all work is complete, we clean the work area, remove tapes, return all hardware and outlet covers, put the furniture that we moved back in its place and remove all unnecessary paint cans. We leave accurately labeled touch-up paint for all areas.