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Austin Exterior Painting Company

Are you looking for an Austin exterior painting company to handle your residential or commercial painting needs? DGP Painting is proud to offer professional exterior painting services that will have your home or business looking like new.

If you haven’t had your property painted in some time, call us out for a free estimate. We’ll be happy to take a look and let you know what needs to be done to restore your home or business.

What are the Signs that You Need an Austin Exterior Painting Company?

Exteriors need painting more often than people realize. Not only can fresh paint revive faded colors but also correct the following problems:

  • Flaking, bubbling or cracking paint. These issues occur over time from the weather breaking down the materials. By smoothing down the surface and applying new paint, we can restore your exterior and prevent further damage.
  • Fading paint. Probably the most obvious sign, fading paint lets you know that it’s time for a refresh. Our Austin painting contractors are happy to update your shutters or siding with the same color – or choose something different for an entirely new look!
  • Morphed paint. Aside from fading, color can also change into something different – and it may not look pretty. For instance, the hot sun in Texas can turn red into pink. Let us repaint your exterior while choosing a higher quality, UV/fade resistant paint.
  • Lost curb appeal. Perhaps you purchased a new home or are looking to sell your current home. You probably have enough to keep you busy, so let our Austin painting contractors handle the painting for you. We’ll make your home pop. Your neighbors will be jealous.
  • Damaged or failing joints and seams. Our homes are made with exterior wood at the roofline, around windows, around doors and with siding. When these joints or seams start to open, it causes water to seep into these boards and that causes wood rot. All these boards are replaced as quoted, then sealed with 60 year 100% acrylic caulk. Sealing the joints prevents moisture to enter the wood thru the seams and cause wood rot. All wood rot around your house can be prevented. Call Austin exterior painting company today, we are the experts!

Why Choose Our Exterior Painting Company in Austin TX

DGP Painting is a professional, dependable painting business that is willing to work for your satisfaction. We have been painting Austin for over 20 years, and we use only the highest quality paints and materials for our customers. All projects come with a 5 year warranty on materials, labor and workmanship.

For a free estimate and 10% off large projects, contact our Austin exterior painting company today.