Update your home’s look by removing the popcorn!

Tired of looking up at that dated popcorn ceiling? One of the quickest and least expensive ways of updating your home’s look is to remove the popcorn from the ceiling. At DGP Paining, our experts remove the popcorn quickly and at an affordable price.

You will have that updated look in no time!

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Popcorn Removal

  • Prior to starting work, we cover the floor, furniture, and any items in the room with high density painter’s plastic and seal off the entire room by hanging two-millimeter plastic sheets from the crown molding all the way to the floor. (or out of the room if practical),
  • Please note that occupied homes with a large amount of personal property will need to be moved out into a pod or the garage prior to beginning the project. We can facilitate the move and have the pod delivered for your convenience.
  • After wetting the ceiling down with a sprayer and waiting 10-15 minutes for the water to soak in, we use a texture scraper to remove the popcorn from the ceiling and a smaller putty knife to scrape the corners and where the wall meets the ceiling.
  • We tape and float the ceiling as needed with sheetrock all-purpose joint compound.
  • Finally, we prime the ceiling with a coat of bonding primer and paint with two of top-of-the-line paint in your chosen color.