Cabinet Refinishing

Get That New Designer Look For Your Kithen and Bathrooms

Love your cabinets but want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom design? Consider refinishing your existing cabinets! For a fraction of the cost of a total kitchen/bath redesign, you can have that new designer look!

At DGP Painting we specialize in painting, refinishing, and staining your existing cabinets. 

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Cabinet Painting

  • Prior to starting work, we protect all floors, countertops and adjacent appliances by covering them with heavy-weight rosin paper and painter’s tape.
  • We flag each cabinet door or drawer with a matching number for the corresponding opening to ensure that each door and drawer gets re-installed in the correct opening.
  • Using a sponge and the appropriate cleanser, we wipe down the doors, drawer fronts, and cabinet frames.
  • We fill any dings or divots with glazing and putty, then sand the putty smooth and rough up the cabinets’ finish with 100-grit sandpaper.
  • We apply a coat of water-based bonding primer and allow the primer to dry for several hours.
  • After the primer dies, we use a 200 fine-grit sanding sponge to sand the trim, drawers and cabinet frames and then wipe them down with a tack cloth. If necessary, we will apply a second coat of primer and re-sand the surface until we achieve a smooth, grain-free base coat.
  • Finally, we apply two coats of top-of-the-line interior enamel in your chosen color and sheen.
  • There are many choices of enamels depending on your specific situation and use. Oil, Hybrids and Urethane enamel all give you a great finish and excellent durability. The main differences are toxins, smell and appearance.