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Pflugerville Popcorn Ceiling Removal

If you are in need of a Pflugerville popcorn ceiling removal service, let DGP Painting lend you a hand! This job is a lot harder than it looks. It requires special tools, and you must take your time scraping off the popcorn, otherwise you could damage the drywall. To ensure a seamless removal, it’s best to hire a team of professionals that will guarantee a smooth and professionally textured ceiling.

Benefits of Hiring a Popcorn Ceiling Removal Service in Pflugerville TX

Whether you purchased a home with a popcorn ceiling, or you’ve been tired of living with yours for years, call DGP Painting for your free estimate. We provide detailed quotes that show customers exactly what they will be paying for. This can help you make an informed decision for your home and easily remove items you want to save for a later date.

Here are a few reasons for choosing us as your Pflugerville popcorn ceiling removal service.

  • Professional services. Scraping off the popcorn texture can damage your drywall. If this happens, you’ll have a lot more work on your plate. By hiring our services, you can expect a professional end result.
  • Painting and repair. If there are small blemishes, holes or other imperfections our team of professionals float out the drywall joints and texture with a light orange peel to give you a seamless beautiful recently painted ceiling.
  • Guaranteed workmanship. All projects delivered by our team include a 4 year warranty on labor, materials and workmanship.

We Provide a Pflugerville Wallpaper Removal Solution, Too 

DGP Painting also provides wallpaper removal services. Removing wallpaper is a tedious job, especially if the wallpaper has been there a long time. To prevent damage to your walls, you need the right equipment – and a lot of patience and know how! Our wallpaper removal solution in Pflugerville TX will be happy to remove your wallpaper and apply a brand new texture and paint to brighten up your space.

Whether you need a Pflugerville wallpaper removal solution or a popcorn ceiling removal solution, contact DGP Painting to learn more about our services. We offer free estimates, a 4 year warranty on all products and a discount on large orders. Call us today and discover the benefits of a Pflugerville popcorn ceiling removal service.